Aanmelden voor een intakegesprek

Registration for information meeting

Country of origin

Man = Male
Vrouw = Female
Overig = Other

Are you obliged by DUO to take the civic integration exam?

Are you planning to use a DUO loan to pay for the course?

A1 = beginner / beginners
A2-B1 = half gevorderd / intermediates
B2-C1 = gevorderd / advanced

Intensief = 3 keer per week les / Intensive = lessons 3 times a week
Semi-intensief = 2 keer per week les / Semi-intensive = lessons 2 times a week
Avond = 2 keer per week s`avonds les / Evening = lessons 2 times a week (in the evening)

Is er iets dat je nog wilt toevoegen? / Is there anything else you would like to mention?


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